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Please consider any or all of the Latino priority community initiatives. Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made by check to UC Regents, 245 César E. Chávez Student Center, Berkeley, CA 94720-2400 or at

Casa Magdalena Mora a residential program for 40 Chican@ Latin@ students assists with transition to CAL by providing a familia and creating a comunidad of support to ensure the success of students as scholars and future leaders. Together with the Mora family and other campus partners this initiative focuses on Latin@ students completing their freshmen year and taking leadership roles. A gift will help support 1 resident for a year with retreat costs, books and supplies.
Entre Familia was established to assist undocumented/AB540 students who are struggling financially at CAL. The fund started by individual donors helped with one student and now we have entire families sponsoring a student. Donor and family interests are matched with undergraduate/graduate students and scholarships are renewed annually with four-year sponsorships. A gift will support with food, books and supplies.
For more than 40 years this annual bilingual/bicultural commencement celebration recognizes graduating PhD, Master, JDs, undergraduates and their families at the Greek Theatre. This graduation is unique in that it includes two significant others walking with the graduate across stage and includes keynote speakers, performances highlighting the recognition celebration. A gift will help pay for the graduate gifts and community speakers and performers towards the celebration.
Role modeling of college students to younger students is a powerful messaging tool. KinderCaminata brings together 50 families and kindergarten schools to CAL to instill a college mindset and demystify pathways to college for parents. Raza Day convenes 500-800 high school students at UCB and focuses on pathways to college with inspiration speakers, workshops and actual student voices. A gift will assist in bringing 20 kids/students to visit CAL for Kindercaminata/Raza Day.
This programs supports middle school and high school students to prepare early for college. The taproot of PUENTE’S Success is its professional development program for teachers and counselors. These trainings give them the tools to deliver PUENTE’s threefold program of extensive writing instruction, sustained academic counseling, and personal mentoring. A gift will help provide 1 student with one-to one counselors/mentors, classes, and workshops to prepare them for college.
Alianza the Chican@/Latin@ staff organization at the University of California, Berkeley is dedicated to providing a supportive network of culturally competent services to Chican@/Latin@ students and faculty. The demographics of the state have changed and the campus must reflect its population. This initiative will develop current staff with professional skills and promote career advancement and inclusion. A gift will bring speakers that promote professional advancement and send Alianza members to professional conferences.
Part of the Ethnic Studies Department, the Ethnic Studies Library maintains four major collections – Asian American Studies, Chicano Studies, Comparative Ethnic Studies and Native American. Access to the Chicano Studies collection and other services is important for students, faculty and community members who arrive from off-campus. This initiative will keep the Chicano Studies Collection/Ethnic Studies Library open until 9:00 pm. Currently the Ethnic Studies Library is only open until 5:00 pm. A gift will keep the library open until 9 pm for 1 month.
A program sponsored by the Center for Latino Policy Research designed to specifically provide research experience and writing opportunities to undocumented/AB540 students but open to all Latin@ students who are also interested in indigenous studies and are planning to attend graduate schools/professional schools. A gift will help provide 1 student with writing classes and attend one conference a year.
The Chicana Latino Student Development and the Chicano Latino Alumni Association is collaborating with campus partners to establish a residential program for 30 first-year engineering students. This cohort will consist of summer session, year-round academic support, workshops and conference attendance for students interested in STEM fields. A gift will help provide 1 STEM student academic advising, summer workshop and mentorship opportunities.
Casa Joaquin Murrieta a Chican@ Latin@ a residential program that was established in the 1970’s. Casa Joaquin has a long tradition of supporting and meeting needs of Latino first generation low-income UCB students. Now a multi-ethnic theme program owned by the Greenlining Institute it provides housing, mentorship and leadership development via the Greenlining Leadership Academy. A gift will help provide 1 student with a housing stipend.
Chicano Latino Studies Program part of the Ethnic Studies Department established in 1970’s is an interdisciplinary and critical studies program which bridges students in theory and community engaged scholarship. This initiative funds Chican@ Latin@ majors to conduct research, conference attendance and travel grants. A gift will help support 1 Chican@Latin@ Studies major summer research and attend one conference.
The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) offers grants for field research to graduate students during the early stages of their academic career. Support of this research program would allow CLAS to continue funding the important work of talented and globally-minded students. A gift will cover roundtrip airfare for 1 student conducting field research for a summer.
A fund that ensures that various educational and cultural activities/events are promoted to maintain cultural traditions by using art, dance, music and diverse cultural traditions to celebrate, educate, inspire and create community among Latin@s across the campus. They include Familia Orientation, Fiestas Patrias, Dia de los Muertos, La Gran Tamalada, Dia de la Amistad, Dia de los Niñ@s, International Latina Luncheon, and César E. Chávez & Dolores Huerta Community Service Day and Chican@Latin@ Empowerment Day. A gift will ensure these celebrations continue.
Created to recognize and honor Chican@ Latin@ student leaders who are actively engaged in campus leadership and community service. The scholarship highlights the balancing act between school work and leadership positions on and off campus, it also provides an opportunity to give back to their communities from a social justice perspective. The scholarships are recognized and given out at the Latino Empowerment Day/CLAA Annual Scholarship Brunch. Every donation contributes towards providing one student a stipend to help them for two semesters.

Thank you for your generous support of Chican@s and Latin@s at Cal! ¡Gracias!